How To Spot A Fake Property Agent.

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What kind of questions should you ask your agent about the land you want to buy through him?

Start with anything or about anything to get to know him personally. Study his character, his movements, his words and get to know the history about the property. Most smooth talkers will probably smooth your way into hell. Always be very skeptical and never optimistic. Study his complimentary cards, his office (Know his office) look at it whether it is sparsely furnished made for a quick business to close immediately after you have been scammed. Let them tell you everything about the land and the documents. Get to know their relationship with the land owner so that you can easily discern which party they are either 1st, 2nd, third or fourth party agents. Until you get to the direct agent leading to the owner, always take everything with a pinch of salt.

Collect the photocopies of the document and keep them to hand over to your lawyer to do the search if it exists or not. Never ever skimp or feel stingy over due process search fees. It could either make or mar you. Once you get to the land in question, feel free to feel at home since it might be your new home to consult with the neighbours and get to know more about the landlord or the history of the area. Never feel shy or timid to do that unless your shyness will lead you to hell on earth. They probably know better than the agent so its your first call to discover who the true landlord is.

If your not satisfied after all this walk away


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